Organic Gemini Tigernut Horchata Coffee

Organic Gemini Tigernut Horchata Coffee
So after the spoiled disaster that was the last time I tried this beverage (you can read it below), Organic Gemini was nice enough to send me another bottle. I am happy to say that this one no longer tastes like dumpster juice smells. I have to say, it's not quite what I expected though.

When I was a kid I loved the way coffee grounds smelled. I would always open the can and take a big whiff. At some point, for no explainable reason, I started to eat the smallest pinch of coffee grounds when I would smell it. I chalk it up to the strangeness of youth. It was by no means enjoyable, yet I continued. The coffee flavor in here tastes like those coffee grounds, if they had actually brought me some pleasure. That sounds like a put down, but I'm actually okay with it. It just tastes more like grounds than actual brewed coffee. I let my ladyfriend try it, who is a coffee addict (mostly fancy brews) and she thought this was terrible. She said she couldn't tell if it was the coffee, the horchata or the dates, but after one sip she couldn't stomach another. I personally think she's just being picky. This by no means tastes like any of her fancy coffee, but it's not atrocious. It kind of reminds me of the Folgers my mom used to drink, you know with more of a grounds flavor. The dates do add a weird semi sweetness that I don't think it necessary, but I'm okay with this Spanish horchata latte.

Here is the spoiled review:
After drinking, and reviewing, the other organic Gemini flavors we knew what we were getting into. This Spanish horchata is more like a milk substitute than anything else. Knowing that I fully expected this to taste like a normal latte with tigernut as the milk. I cracked open the bottle took a big sip, and…€¦Choose either option A or B.
was shocked to notice that it had a little bit of a fruit flavor to it. That would be due to the fact that it contains Medjool dates, weird right? They aren't overly strong though. It basically just tastes like a shot of coffee in a glass of milk, but the lack of sugar made it stand out from a lot of prepackaged coffee drinks.

pretty much spit it everywhere. This was not what I expected. It tastes like the dumpsters in the back of the grocery store I used to work at smelled on a hot summer day when someone would throw the expired milk in it. That's right IL said it tastes like dumpster juice. It also has a weird fruity taste to it from the Medjool dates. To be honest it also smelled like gross, gross feet. I must have not breathed in when I took that sip, or I doubt it would have crossed my lips. There is hardly any coffee taste to this at all, it just tastes wrong.

Every part of me wants to give the company the benefit of the doubt and say that this bottle has gone bad. The thing is that when it was shipped to us, it was in ice packs, and I instantly put it in the fridge. It also has about a week before the expiration date. I hope something went wrong in transit, because the other flavors were actually decent. Option A is based on other people's reviews of the product and since everyone else seemed to really enjoy it, I'm going to pretend that was how my drinking experience went.
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Jason Draper on 8/28/14, 3:40 PM
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