Paoletti Bibita Pompelmo

Paoletti Bibita Pompelmo
Is everything nicer and classier in Italy? That was my experience in my brief time there. I have very little interest in coffee, and I extremely enjoyed my cups there. The baked goods were some of the best I've ever had and the people were all wonderful.

The picture on this label makes me wish I was in a little corner diner, or better yet a soda shop in Italy and a nice cold glass of Paoletti was being placed in front of me by a friendly waiter/ress. I would smile and nod politely, because I only know how to say excuse me and thank you in Italian, and as they walked away I would take a nice refreshing sip and all would be right in the world.

This is an exquisite grapefruit soda that borders on being dry. I don't understand how it has a dry flavor when there is 30g of sugar in it, but here we are. I mean it's definitely sweet, but I guess it's just not over the top like most other grapefruit sodas are.

I'm just going to sit in this cafè, slowly sipping on this soda, soaking in the atmosphere until the last drop passes my lips. Then I will get up with a smile, leave my money on the table and go get lost in a city I've never been to before and then none of you will have to read my ramblings anymore because I was too trusting of people and I was brutally murdered.
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Jason Draper on 12/7/14, 7:44 PM
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