Paradiso Peach Ice Tea

Paradiso Peach Ice Tea
“…€¦that brings in the whole category of countries. Where to start? Well, the obvious one. The birthplace of spaghetti and pasta, all the oily stuff... Italy.” Very smooth Coop, but you forgot one thing; Italy also produces one hell of a peach ice tea under the Paradiso company. I don't know if this would really pair well with pasta, but it would certainly be great to be sipping on a bottle of this while strolling through some Italian city or another, just taking it all in.
It says that it's made with tea flavor, but it does taste more like real tea than any other “tea flavor” teas I've tried. The really star of this drink is the peach though. It has both peach juice and peach flavor in it. That means that while you're drinking it your mouth is filled with the flavor of real peaches. Then when you swallow you get a hint of peach gummy candy. It's be best of both worlds (even though the gummy candy flavor is only faint). The peach flavor is strong. I would prefer a little more tea in the ratio, but I'll take what I can get. Now if you'll excuse me I told Coop I would help him clean up some goat turds. How did I get suckered into this?
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Jason Draper on 10/8/12, 4:56 PM
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