Pearl Royal Coconut Water

Pearl Royal Coconut Water
Coconut waters have become the new apple/orange juice; for the most part they don't vary too much from brand to brand. I mean when you're sole ingredient is water straight from a coconut there isn't going to be much variation is there? Sure the companies could add flavoring to them, but if you ask me that isn't necessary, when you have something that is great and completely refreshing, why much it up with additives?

Pearl Royal knows the game. So instead of altering their product itself they gave it interesting/fun packaging. Inside this packaging that is made to look like a coconut of some sort is an ordinary can of coconut water. Attached to that can is a little string that comes out of the top of the “coconut.” When you pull the string it opens the can. You then stick the attached straw through the hole and enjoy the nectar within. If only opening a real coconut was that easy. There are plenty of videos online of people attempting, and failing, to open the real thing. I've certainly been vexed in my attempts in the past as well.

Overall this is a nice branding technique for a beverage that is nothing new, but also very tasty. Here's your future.
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No Sugar Added
Jason Draper on 8/22/14, 11:40 AM
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