Pickle Juice Shot

Pickle Juice Shot
During my college years I went to way too many shows. As a result I was broke most of the time and unfortunately I had to miss even more shows than I went to because of a lack of cash flow. One day my friends were hanging out at my place and they were all going to see some bands play. I can't for the life of me remember who, but I remember I was bummed that I didn't have money to go. I had so little money that my dinner was pickles, mozzarella cheese and mustard sandwiches. My friend Jill offered to pay my way into the show if I chugged all of the juice that was left in the pickle jar. Being young and dumb I gulped it down without a second thought. It was a big jar and there was a lot of juice involved. As a result I did not feel all that well during the aftermath, but we went to the show and I'll assume I had a good time. Here I am 15+ years later and I remember nothing about the show, but I can very clearly recall the way my stomach felt after chugging so much pickle juice. I am also about to take a show of pickle juice to review on my dumb website about beverages. I love pickles, but I am not looking forward to this because of my memories. Oh well here goes nothing.

Yup, that tastes just like pickle juice. My friend asked what they did with all of the pickles they used to make the juice from. While I would love to say that all of the pickles at some restaurant or another were associated with this juice I think it's pretty safe to say that this is just a culmination of all the ingredients used to make dill pickles, minus the actual cucumber. My stomach feels okay. It's certainly weird to drink just pickle juice, but it's wasn't horrible. I feel like I just ate a whole mess of pickles and I'm okay with that.

The purpose of this drink is that it is supposed to help with muscle cramping, so it is helpful while exercising. I'm about to paint the ceiling of my deck, so I'm sure my neck and shoulder will be feeling not so great afterwards. Here's to hoping this helps.
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Jason Draper on 8/24/15, 5:34 PM
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