Polar Seltzer Blueberry Tangerine

Polar Seltzer Blueberry Tangerine
I took a little break from reviewing Polar's summer flavors, because let's be honest, as great as they are there really isn't much to say. Sure I could tell a story about a family of polar bears who each have very specifically flavored saliva and how a New England company offered them bundles of cash and fish to have exclusive access to their mouth juice in order to flavor there beverages, but we all know that story like we know about the birth of Christ. Instead I will just say that this is my favorite of the 2018 Summer limited edition. It's got berries and it's got citrus, and both turned out well, without a hint of bear spit. The flavors taste as true as can be in a seltzer and I have downed far too many liters of it over the past month.
Sparkling and Water
United States
No Sugar Added
Jason Draper on 7/6/18, 3:04 PM
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