Polar Seltzer Ginger Lime Mule

Polar Seltzer Ginger Lime Mule
Look at being preemptive and getting their winter flavors out before the snow has even begun to fall. Hell, I'm still reviewing summer flavors and they are two seasons ahead.

When I heard this was an upcoming flavor I was beyond excited. Lime is the basis for most of the seltzer I drink and ginger is my weakness. I would probably purchase any beverage that had ginger in the flavor name. This, unfortunately, leaves something to be desired. The lime is right where I want it to be, but the ginger simply isn't strong enough and tastes more like ginger flavoring than the actual root. Ginger is a flavor that is meant to be bold and in your face (as well as burning your throat). This is just not that. It's still good, and I would buy it from time to time, but it is by no means a new favorite. I suppose it's good that it's seasonal. Maybe I will grow to miss it by next winter's release.
Ginger, Sparkling and Water
United States
No Sugar Added
Jason Draper on 10/30/17, 5:41 PM
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