Polar Seltzer Jr. Dragon Whispers

Polar Seltzer Jr. Dragon Whispers
Last year, for an extremely limited time, Polar released the flavor Unicorn Kisses. We weren't as vigilant as we should have been and it passed right by us. Even our clot (which, you know…€¦we have very little) could get us some from Polar direct; they were plum out. This year Unicorn Kisses is back and it brought three other friends with it. This year we were also more on top of things and Polar sent us some samples. Not only do they make wonderful product, but they are also great humans, who understand my needs for weird seltzer and are kind enough to accommodate me (minus the fact that vanilla is still not available in cans).

The first of these four magical flavors, which I believe are aimed towards kids because of their names and the line being called “Seltzer Jr,” is Dragon Whispers. I would expect such a thing to taste of smoke and cinders, but I don't think children, nor would anyone enjoy a liquid smoke seltzer. I suppose it's lucky for us all that Polar decided to go in a different direction.
Smell wise this reminds me of something like Pixie Stix or Sweetarts. That is very strange because a sweetener-less beverage smells like products that are mostly sugar. It's also odd because that is what Red Bull style energy drinks smell like to me. SO yeah, it smells like them, minus the chemical undertones. From the smell I really didn't know what to expect. My taste buds were awaiting an overload of sweetness, but my mind knew that wouldn't be the case. The reality is that it tastes like an unsweetened tropical fruit punch. I was hoping for something a little stranger, but it was quite pleasant and I could see myself drinking a bunch of this

I feel like there are going to be a lot of people who taste different things in this beverage. It's a social experiment that I enjoy.
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No Sugar Added
Jason Draper on 8/27/17, 7:19 AM
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