Polar Seltzer Jr. Mermaid Songs

Polar Seltzer Jr. Mermaid Songs
Round two of the Polar Seltzer Jr line. I had heard that one of these was supposed to taste like Swedish Fish and as soon as I popped this open I knew I had struck gold. The scent is an exact match for one of my favorite candies. The idea that I could have that in liquid form, minus all the sugar had me drooling like my cat when I pick him up and he goes limp. I guess I should have known this would be the one by the name and that the mermaid's tails on the can definitely resemble Swedish Fish.

Upon taking a sip, I realized that the sought after flavor could not be really achieved without sugar. It kind of tastes like the candy, but all of the boldness is lost. It is still very good, but it is certainly not liquid Swedish Fish. The more I hold it in my mouth and swish it around the more I can taste it, but if you weren't thinking that it would probably just have a fruity berry flavor to it.
United States
No Sugar Added
Jason Draper on 8/31/17, 5:03 PM
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