Polar Seltzer Jr. Unicorn Kisses

Polar Seltzer Jr. Unicorn Kisses
Here we have it, the fourth and final Seltzer Jr flavor of the season (Also the first one released last year that I couldn't get my hands on). The season is ending the hot weather is gone and fall is rolling right in. Should I have reviewed this when the weather was still nice and you were still able to find this on the shelves? Of course I should have, but life gets hectic and the 1 minutes that it's going to take me to write this were too much to spare between hanging out in the woods and reading comics (and work and travelling). Did I drink a bunch of these and not write about it for about a month? You can bet your kids on it. Let's be honest here, this was a limited line and there was no way that Polar wasn't going to sell out of it. They barely lasted a week at my grocery store in Buffalo. They didn't need my help pushing the product. They were kind enough to send me some samples before they made their way to the Western NY market though, which was very kind of them. We have nothing but love for Polar here at Thirsty Dudes. We just tend to be lazy sometimes. We do this for fun, and that's that.
It turns out that a unicorn's diet mostly consists of cucumbers because that is what this slobbery kiss tastes like. I also detect a bit of melon in there. On top of that it's all candied up, even though there is no sugar. At first I was so-so on this one, but once I realized it was cucumber my interests rose.Well done Polar. Can't wait until next summer.
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No Sugar Added
Jason Draper on 9/29/17, 10:21 AM
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