Polar Seltzer Raspberry Rose

Polar Seltzer Raspberry Rose
Summertime in Seltzerville in 2018 is very similar to that of last year. Most of the limited edition Polar flavors are slight twists on last year's flavors, while others such as this Raspberry Rose have just been brought back in the same form for summer consumption. I have no idea how we did not review this one last year. I guess it was when Mike and I were in a slump and were just burned out with doing Thirsty Dudes. Whatever the reason we missed it, and we apologize.

I am a bit surprised that this is the only returning flavor, as it was probably my least favorite of the 2017 line (I drank far too much of the mango berry). This is essentially a unsweetened , non-alcoholic wine spritzer. It's not something I would normally drink. It's lighter in flavor than normal Polar flavors. It also has an undertone that I will attribute to the fake wine aspect. I don't really know if that is true, because wine seems like the grossest thing to me. It just smells like rot to me. This isn't really a beverage for me, but friends who tried this, who enjoy wine said that it's pretty fantastic, so don't take my word on anything.
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No Sugar Added
Jason Draper on 5/27/18, 6:48 AM
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