Polar Seltzer Vanilla Zen

Polar Seltzer Vanilla Zen
While I'm not stoked that the Northeast will soon be a frozen tundra and most of the joy in life will be stolen from me, I am very excited that the new Polar Winter line has been released. I wasn't even expecting it. I went down the water aisle in my favorite local grocer and there they were in all their glory. Right at eye level was this gem, Vanilla Zen. I've been saying for years that seltzer companies need to release more flavors that are not based on fruit (what happened to cinnamon? ) and while this is sort of fruity, it at least is mostly spice based.

From the packaging it appeared to me that Zen tastes like pomegranate drizzled with honey, or maybe some weird honey flowers. As far as I can taste though, it's just a combination of vanilla and pomegranates though., with the pom being very light. The gold kernels were a misdirect, and there is no honey to be found. I don't know how that could be pulled off without it being sweet anyway.

This isn't the second coming of the savior that I had hoped for but it's still really great and I will enjoy a lot of it while it's still on the shelves.
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No Sugar Added
Jason Draper on 10/25/18, 1:01 PM
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