Private Selection Irish Cream Cream Soda

Private Selection Irish Cream Cream Soda
I have never had an Irish Cream before. In fact I wasn't quite sure what it was. I assumed it was some sort of creamy liquor that people put into coffee, hence the saying “Irish up your coffee.” Look at me putting the obvious dots together. Turns out I was correct. One thing I do know in the world of Irish Cream is Baileys and the reason I actually know anything about Baileys is the Old Greg sketch from Mighty Boosh. It's the best thing the show ever created and it includes some fine art based on Baileys.

With all that said, this tastes pretty much how I would have expected it to. It's a cream soda with the tiniest hint of coffee in it. It's quite delicious and I'm enjoying it way more than I had anticipated. The coffee is there enough to make you notice it but it's subtle enough so that it is still primarily a cream soda and not just a coffee pop.
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Jason Draper on 4/27/17, 11:42 AM
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