Prometheus Springs Spiced Elixir Lemon Ginger

Prometheus Springs Spiced Elixir Lemon Ginger
Mike and I both got bottles of Prometheus Springs on a dare. With flavors like "Lychee Wasabi" and "Pomegranate and Black Pepper" they just had such a high expectation for failure. I wussed out and went for what I thought to be the safer choice, "Lemon Ginger." I will admit it was the most intense beverage I have ever tried, but it also wasn't all that bad. Not only did it have an intense ginger burn, but also the capsaicin added made it even more insane. I drank about a third of the bottle, and had to put it away for a while. No one else who tried it got passed one sip. When I decided it was too much on its own I mixed it with some juice, and the results were pretty great. It dulled the burn a bit, but it still made for a nice kick. If you really love ginger or spicy foods, this may be the drink for you.


Yesterday was one of my best friend's bachelor party. Mike and I put together a basket (box) of strange drinks for the raffle. I picked up a bottle of this to put is said basket. At the last minute I pulled this bottle from the basket, because I figured that anyone who won it would take one sip and probably throw it out. I also really wanted to give it another chance. After about six months of doing this site and drinking more out of the ordinary beverages I had a very different outlook on it this time. Maybe it was because I knew what I was getting into, but I really enjoyed it. It's not something you can pop open and drink with dinner, but it's something nice to take a pull off of every so often during a long hang out. The burn that turned me off in the past was something that I now looked forward to. I really loved this drink this time around. I think I have officially become a drink snob.
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