Prometheus Springs Spiced Elixir Pomegranate and Black Pepper

Prometheus Springs Spiced Elixir Pomegranate and Black Pepper
This was my first try at a spiced elixir, as Prometheus Springs like to call it. I can describe it like this:

Remember hot Warheads? The candy that you had as a kid that was hot and you thought you were awesome because you could eat a whole one without spitting it out? This is that, but in a drink. It's not terribly refreshing, even chilled, but they are nice enough to give you pairings like "Serve neat for maximum spice" and "Serve warm and get well soon", so I give them credit for being witty and not so stuffy. It's a completely organic drink, so you can feel good about drinking it, and it's so spicy you have to feel like it's doing something good to your body besides ravaging your taste buds.

If they come out with another flavor, I'll buy it, but I will not be surprised if I just copy and paste this review for that flavor, too.


As Jay previously mentioned in his re-review for the Lemon Ginger, we were new to the game and didn't know what to expect. Now that this review is in retrospect, it is one of the more outstanding drinks. Is taste all that matters in a drink review? No. Not anymore. The Hey Song Shaking Jelly Soda Drink was tasty, but it was also a load of fun to have people try. Also, we reviewed a lot of ginger beers since this and it turns out we like and prefer the ones with burn. This was not a bad drink. It was just hot. It's a sipping drink, not a chugging juice like we may have previously expected. For that, I am re-editing this review and adding two points to its previous score of 2. Congratulations, Prometheus Springs, you've earned it.
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