Pure Leaf Real Brewed Tea Sweet Tea

Pure Leaf Real Brewed Tea Sweet Tea
This only has two ingredients, three if you're going to be a jerk and count "citric acid" as an ingredient. That's all that is in here. In many previous reviews I mention that is all that is needed to make the perfect sweet tea. So why is this so boring? I don't like the taste of it. It's black tea and you can taste it. Credit where credit is due. The sugar and/or the citric acid make this drink taste like mass produced junk. It's real sugar. I don't get it. So close. Something in this drink sucks. The drink doesn't suck but there is a weak link in here bringing it down. It's the inverse of the kid that gets high grades in a weighted test and screws the rest of the kids by being good. That kid is at an Ivy League college during the making of this drink and you're stuck with solid "C" students. Read a book, you idiots.
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Mike Literman on 6/26/14, 3:51 PM
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