Pure Leaf Tea House Collection Organic Black Tea with Strawberry & Garden Mint

Pure Leaf Tea House Collection Organic Black Tea with Strawberry & Garden Mint
The version of me from a previous time would be mighty pissed off at current me now, but I just need to come out and say As a culture why do we even bother giving “cheap” iced tea the time of day? That's right I am reformed and this might be the most adult thought that has ever crossed my perpetually 15 year old mind. Long gone are my days of guzzling Brisk or downing can after can of Arizona tall boys. In my current world it's quality over quantity, and to be honest the price point isn't that drastically different. Even if it were I would happily pay a little extra for a product such as this that actually tastes like tea and my just syrupy sludge that we have convinced ourselves tastes like tea. It really doesn't and we just need to accept that and move on.

This is exactly what I want from an iced tea. It's brewed, and not made from a powder. That is step one in the right direction. Step two is that it is sweetened with real sugar, and it's not overdone. I would say this is mediumly-sweetened and that is the limit of where I want my sugar level. It allows you to still be able to taste the other ingredients and not just an overt sweetness. Perhaps most importantly taste-wise is that the added flavoring isn't a syrup or a powder. The strawberry and spearmint are brewed with the tea; you know how it is when you buy some nice fancy tea that doesn't come in teabags. I admit I end up eating some of that tea dry because of the dried fruit, but I'm a maniac what do you expect. This is nicely lightly flavored and the mint doesn't leave you feeling like you brushed your teeth just before consuming the beverage. Everything here is done right. Lipton has evolved and now so do we.
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