R.W. Knudsen Recharge Tropical

R.W. Knudsen Recharge Tropical
I didn't want to review this. I just wanted something to drink. I figured, hey, I've got like eight of these things, so I can casually drink it. Oh, no. I now don't know what I'm going to do with the other approximately seven packs because this is vile. I was not at all expecting what was going to happen when I drank it. No, it's not like I got hair on my palms or anything like that. It just made me make a face every time I drank it. I thought, "Hey, tropical. Rad." and now it's like a 60/40 vegetable/fruit combo kit that is 100% undesirable. It's like someone is feeding me a pineapple, except they bored out the core and crammed a giant carrot in it and are forcing me to eat this bastard food.

Roger Waters Knudsen, or whatever R.W. stands for, this is not for me. Is that why I found it at a Big Lots? Probably. Good luck getting rid of them. I hope your customers don't read this before they buy it. I don't want to knock anyone out of business, but this is just plain terrible. Wish me luck on the grape because I bought that, too. I'm a supporter with a strange taste in my mouth.
Sports/Dietary Supplement and Mix/Concentrate
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Mike Literman on 2/27/12, 4:33 PM
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