REBBL Super Herb Elixer Maca Cold-Brew

REBBL Super Herb Elixer Maca Cold-Brew
Number one. Wow, this is an expensive drink. Jay bought it for me because he is as generous a man as he is a lover. Price tag reads $5.29 and that is a lot of green. How does it taste? Better than you would initially think I bet. It also got me hella jazzed. I drank half of the bottle and now I feel like I need to run or puke. Don't take the "puke" in a bad way. I don't know what to do when I get over caffeinated.

It has a good coffee taste and actually doesn't taste too much like coconut. That's a good thing for me and maybe not a good thing for you, I don't know. It's got some new age ingredients (sunflower lecithin?) but all tree hugging aside, I could have drunk this whole thing if it wasn't for my poor ability to process caffeine.

Now I'm going to drive home jacked up. Maybe that longboard is in the parking lot and I can push some of the energy out. That will be a nice surprise for both my legs and my eyes. The little things.
Coconut and Coffee
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Mike Literman on 3/22/16, 5:16 PM
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