REBBL Super Herb Elixer Maca Mocha

REBBL Super Herb Elixer Maca Mocha
If you are like Mike and I, then you probably resemble a child more than an adult and you also probably don't have a taste for coffee, but you have an affinity for mocha drinks. Just think about how we, and yes I'm including you in this mix up, would love to put that delicious chocolate-ness in a better base. The sky is the limit my friends and that is just what REBBL is reaching for.

For this mocha elixir coffee has been thrown to the curb. In it's place we have a mixture of coconut milk, chicory root, carob, maca extract, vanilla extract, pink salt, quillaja extract and stevia. I'm not ashamed to admit that I am a big dumb-dumb head and I assumed that maca was the same thing as macha, which it definitely is not. I thought this was going to be a chocolate green tea of sorts, but that it is not. Maca is actually a root vegetable that is known to enhance vitality, stamina and energy. I don't think that I can even taste the maca, but it's doing its job. Actually, besides from the ridiculously great chocolate flavor most of what I get is the coconut. It tastes a bit like toasted coconut but it's not too overpowering, which is great because I can't stand toasted coconut, and I can still love this beverage. I also get a bit of chicory, which I can only distinguish because I was forced to drink coffee in New Orleans where this root is mixed in with the beans. It, and I'm assuming the maca, give this elixir a nice earthy rooty undertone without distracting from the chocolate. Oh the chocolate, how we love you. How perfect you are.
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Jason Draper on 1/20/16, 2:37 PM
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