Red Bull Simply Cola

Red Bull Simply Cola
I stayed away from this stuff for a while when I first saw it. I'm not a regular drinker of energy drinks. On the rare occasions when I do get them, I rarely stray from a select few. I have to say it's not bad. It tastes like a cola that is fighting with some ingredients from root beer. The cola is victorious in the end, but there are some strange flavors left over. The two tastes, besides cola, that stand out the most are lime and licorice. Neither is terribly overpowering, so it adds a nice subtlety to it.
The really nice thing is that this is all natural. There are no chemicals added for energy. All of the caffeine in this is from coffee beans, so it doesn't make you all crazy.
Energy Drink and Soda Pop
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United States
Jason Draper on 10/14/10, 8:49 AM
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