Red Bull The Red Edition

Red Bull The Red Edition
Nothing is more exhausting than a kid's birthday party. If you haven't been and are scoffing, I dare you to go to one and come home and not want to sleep. I dare you to go and not want to drive your car into oncoming traffic. It's not bad but if you have every been in close quarters with a seemingly infinite number of kids all making a mess of juice boxes and cake, you too will want it to be over before it began.

For that reason, I am happy that Jesus invented energy drinks and, more specifically, this one. I don't really like Red Bull. I use the same analogy of concentrated candy but it's what I taste. This, though, this is rather great. It's swapped candy for a good, slightly carbonated cranberry. It almost tastes like non-alcoholic cranberry juice. If you need to celebrate in around ten ounces at a time and don't have anyone to celebrate something with and need a pick-me-up then this is the drink for you. I know, I know, there are a lot of prerequisites for this drink, but you don't need to obey them all. I'm just trying to give you an ideal scenario to enjoy this drink. Honestly, you could enjoy this drink anywhere because it's very good. It actually makes me anxious to see what other new drinks Red Bull might come up with.
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Mike Literman on 12/2/12, 4:33 PM
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