Red Bull Total Zero The Cherry Edition

Red Bull Total Zero The Cherry Edition
There are these two girls that have the pleasure of a job of driving a customized Mini Cooper around and just hand out Red Bull all day. No, it's probably not what they set out to do with their lives but who knows what they do in their off time. Sure the Mini is probably an automatic and sure, people probably disrespect them but at the end of the day, they have the top down and hand out drinks all day. No disrespect whatsoever.

In handing out drinks, though, it seems they only hand out the "regular" stuff. Diet, that bronze can and the core Red Bull. I've never seen them hand out any of last year's seasonal flavors which aren't so seasonal since they're still around today one year later. Once again, no disrespect.

This drink which was sent to us by Red Bull and not two ladies in a lil' car, isn't too bad. It's quite apparently diet but the cherry flavor isn't too bad at all. It's actually not oversweet and not over-diet. It would be a good alternative to your favorite non-diet energy drink. I can feel it surging through me like a million tiny ants who just found a chewy caramel on the hot summer ground and have to work fast before a bird eats it or some leashless dog.
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Mike Literman on 5/5/15, 3:42 PM
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