Rising Sun Thai Coconut Water with Pulp

Rising Sun Thai Coconut Water with Pulp
Sometimes you just have those days where you just need to get out of the city. You feel like you've been indoors too much, and even when you're not it just doesn't feel like the outdoors. You get antsy and start to go insane, and you need to be in the green. Actually, maybe that doesn't happen to normal people, but I most definitely am not normal and yesterday I was just losing my mind. As a result I jumped in my car with some good music and just drove an hour out into the forest. There was no sign of civilization around me for miles. I breathed in deep and took it all in. it was exactly what I needed to even myself out. I ended up hiking for about ten miles and it was glorious, I even saw a bald eagle. Stupidly I only brought one bottle of water, a Cliff Bar and an apple. By the time I was done I was exhausted and dehydrated. There was only one beverage that would give me the refreshment that I so desperately craved and that was a can of coconut water.

This is pretty standard pure coconut water. There is nothing in it but the water and some pulp. By some pulp I mean a lot pulp. More than there probably needed to be, but I can't see anyone buys coconut water with pulp unless they loved the stuff, so in that case it's probably just perfect. The can did just what I needed it to do, and it did so with a pleasant taste. Man, for someone who has such an intense hatred for toasted coconut, I sure have come to enjoy these drinks.
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No Sugar Added
Jason Draper on 8/5/14, 8:28 PM
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