Seoul Milk Coffee Milk

Seoul Milk Coffee Milk
Yesterday we went to the Buffalo 66 (watch it) Denny's, which has been turned into a Mexican restaurant. It was wonderful and if I didn't know better, which I do, I would never guess that it was ever a Denny's. I would never guess that I would eat there around once a week after some punk show downtown.

Jay proposed that we go across the street to an Asian market get our dessert. That dessert? A honeydew popsicle. Look, Jay and I like the simpler things in life. We're by no means simpletons, but we like simpler things. We're kids, basically. We're children. Either way, I ate a delicious honeydew popsicle and made our boy Jerid drive my car, which is standard, so that I could eat it.

While I was at said market, I bought this little number: coffee milk. You want to know what it tastes like? Coffee and milk, right down the middle. Fifty fifty. I've tastes a lot of drinks in the vein of this but never with so much milk taste. It tastes like I made a sweetened coffee and then poured milk in it and called it a day. So much milk flavor. It took me by surprise.

After all that we went to Big Lots, as usual, bought drinks, as usual, and traded drinks, as usual. Typical Thirsty Dudes hangout.
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Mike Literman on 8/30/12, 9:38 AM
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