Shakeology Chocolate

Shakeology Chocolate
I don't understand it, honey. Sammy just refuses to eat vegetables. I don't know what to do. I've taken away videos games, dessert, television, and his bike and he just won't eat them. What did you buy? A milkshake? Honey that sounds like a reward more than it does a punishment. It's got what in it? I don't know what any of that is. Ashwagandha? Cordyceps, Tulsi, Sacha Inchi, Spirulina? Are you just reading a Dr. Seuss book to me? You're making these words up, right? You're not. What do they do? They're healthy? Well I guess that's good to know. Now it's a milkshake. Isn't there a ton of sugar in it that's going to get him to bounce off the walls? Oh, it's made with Stevia? That's cool. Well I guess it all comes down to taste. How does it taste, honey. Oh, you made some? Thanks.

Honey. This...this isn't bad at all. I mean I can taste that something is up but our kid, let's be honest here, he's kind of an idiot. Right? You agree with me. I mean, who doesn't just eat vegetables and takes punishment after punishment. Peas never hurt anyone and corn is fantastic. Kids. Am I right? Can I have more of this? Yeah, I was worried that this would just taste like a gritty mess like protein drinks do but it actually tastes good. You made this with eight ounces of milk? Oh wow. That turned into like double that. Cool. He'll feel like he's getting a real treat but in reality, we're poisoning him with healthy stuff.

When he gets home we'll make him something like a hamburger with a side of green beans just so he thinks nothing is up and we'll serve it with this milkshake. He'll think he's pulling one over on us by not eating the green beans and just eat the hamburger and drink the milkshake. Never thought it would come to this but if I have to trick my dumb son into eating healthy, so be it. He'll learn when he's 300 pounds and constantly sweating like your uncle Larry. Yeah, I said it, honey. He's constantly sweating. Like you didn't know.
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Mike Literman on 2/11/14, 4:43 PM
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