Silk Fruit & Protein Mixed Berry

Silk Fruit & Protein Mixed Berry
Barry, stop our crying. You know that every time you get eat ice cream you get distracted by something else and then it melts. Of course you then get upset and the crying and yelling starts. I'm sick of it. I don't care that you've been diagnosed with ADHD, you're just a big baby. If this keeps happening I hear the coach is going to stop inviting to you to get ice cream after our baseball games. Imagine that, life without ice cream from mini plastic baseball helmets. Well at least you didn't have a cone, so you can still spoon up the melted mess. By the way, who the hell gets berry ice cream? In a world of chocolate, peanut butter and mint, who chooses berry? You're not going to eat your melt? Well it looks like you really are a baby. Give it to me, I'll eat it you wasteful baby!

This tastes a lot like the drink my sister always has in the fridge. She's a vegan, so she always has weird stuff in there. Yeah this definitely tastes like that protein drink she always has, and always yells at me for drinking. I always sneak some because it reminds me of melted ice cream. Well, I guess melted “soy cream.” Basically it's a bunch of berry juice mixed with soymilk with some plant-based protein added. It's basically like a berry creamsicle. My sister always boasts that it doesn't taste chalky like other protein drinks, since there is no whey in it. Whatever it tastes good so I drink it, and she yells at me.

You really are a baby Barry. You're just lucky that you always hit homeruns. How did such a baby get so good at baseball?
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Jason Draper on 7/4/12, 1:14 PM
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