Silk Nog

Silk Nog
Eggnog is one of the foulest beverages in the history of the world. Eggs and milk mixed? No thanks! Ever since I was a kid I loathed the stuff. I don't give a rip if Santa loves the stuff. You know what I do care if he likes it. He can have my share.
A couple of years back a friend got a carton of Silk Nog and I went off about how gross the stuff was. I was then basically forced to try it. I was shocked that I actually enjoyed the stuff. I don't know if it was just that I knew it wasn't made out of disgusting ingredients or if it's just better than eggnog. I will tell you this, it's not as thick as eggnog, but it's by no means watery. When you go to take a sip and breath in through your mouth, a strong taste hits you before the liquid. It's like an aftertaste in reverse. I think Silk has mastered quantum physics with this beverage. I've never had that happen before with a drink. When it finally hits your tongue it's very creamy, and tastes like light holiday spices.
Every since that day I've gotten a handful of cartons of this a year. It's not an all the time drink, but a nice glass of it every once and a while is really nice. I guess I have to get in the holiday mood in some way, and I choose to do so eating cookies and drinking Silk Nog.

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Jason Draper on 12/19/10, 2:28 PM
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