Simplifast Strawberry

Simplifast Strawberry
A couple of years ago there was all the hoopla around fasting diets/cleanses. The one that I heard the most about was the Master Cleanse. It was basically people drinking nothing but lemon juice and maple syrup for a week. Everyone I knew who did it said that it was completely horrible. They felt like hell, their skin broke out and they suffered from bouts of diahaha (which is what my one friend calls diarrhea, because she claims poop is hysterical). The Master Cleanse did not seem appealing at all. This drink is like an updated version of it. It's lemon juice, maple syrup and a few other added ingredients for vitamins and taste. They should have spent more time on the taste. The vague strawberry flavor is hidden behind a wave of lemon juice. It's kind of gross. Not even in a artificial sweetener kind of grossness, just not good.

The instructions on the bottle say to drink four of these a day for a week. That's right, four. You're not supposed to consume anything else except water and tiny amounts of fresh fruit. That's 28 bottles of this with little else to upset the flavor. I can barely get through one. I didn't but into it originally, and I'm not going to now. I say good day to you Simplifast.
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Jason Draper on 2/3/11, 3:22 PM
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