Simply Apple

Simply Apple
How much juice comes from a single apple? A thimble full? Perhaps enough to fill a shot glass? It always bottles my mind when I think of the quantity of fruit that is needed to produce a single bottle for our drinking pleasures.
I assume giant machines are used to juice apples now. They probably throw them into some vat by the bushel and a big machine smashes them all up and the cores, seeds and pulp are filtered out. What did they do in the olden times? I'd like to think that they juiced apples like they do grapes for wine. Some old ladies peeled a whole mess of apples and put them in a large wooden bucked the size of a shed. Then they climbed in and did a little dance on them with their dirty fungal infected feet. The lower side of said bucket had a little spout that the townspeople could open to get a glass of fresh juice for only a nickel. They were simpler times. This company knows that and that's why the machine they use to mash their apples up is shaped like a gigantic diseased foot. As a result of their efforts they produce some of the best apple juice I have ever consumed. All that is in this bottle is apple juice. No extra water, sweeteners or preservatives. Just like the hill people intended.
United States
Naturally Sweetened
Jason Draper on 5/16/11, 2:51 AM
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