Simply Balanced Essence Water Blood Orange

Simply Balanced Essence Water Blood Orange
I do get excited when I see new drinks. Not to discredit them at all, but I do get a bit discouraged when they are store brand drinks. Target's Nature Market or whatever it's called has some pretty good stuff but I can't help but feel like it's just rebranded stuff from some other company that was nice enough to sell to Target. Target, you guys are alright. I spend a lot of time inside of you in the least gross way possible but in the most gross way possible, there are always horrifically gigantic turds in your toilet and you should maybe patrol them a bit more. To drinks!

I do enjoy blood orange and I do enjoy essence waters like Hint and Ayala's so when I saw this and it was colored, I was a bit skeptical. "Essence" implies...well...magic flavors are extracted and injected into the drink. Never have I seen one with color, which just makes me think that it's a "Vitamin Water" type drink. That's fine if it is, but don't call it an "essence" drink. Call it something else. There is an association between words in this language we use and when you call something a specific title, people think it's going to be something. End rant. Begin review again.

This was a good drink. I don't know if I have ever seen let alone eaten a blood orange but this is good in comparison to other blood orange drinks. It was light and was sweetened by both regular old man sugar and new jack Stevia derivative, which Jay scoffed at but I rather enjoyed. You didn't get it until the very end. It wasn't too heavily sweetened even with the team of sweeteners and fruity so I would say that it was a success. Target! Another success!
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Mike Literman on 6/24/13, 1:42 PM
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