Sobe Pure Black Cherry

Sobe Pure Black Cherry
Something inside of me needed to buy this. I was at the store, shopping for deck chairs and I walked by and all of a sudden there were two in my cart. Blink of an eye. Two of 'em. No discussion. No thought. Is that what my life has become? Oh, there's something I haven't drank, better get that before someone else comes in underneath me and buys one hundred flavored waters. What, am I crazy? Probably. Jay actually told me the other day that he misses buying new drinks. I mean, come on. What person misses buying drinks? Shoes, clothes, video games, and cars are all things that you can miss buying. Drinks? There's a big difference between spending $50 on a game, $50,000 on a car, and $300 on a pair of shoes and buying $1.29 worth of a tea you've never had. We have all become quite accustomed to having no money since, well; none of us have any money so it is the little things that make us happy.

So Sobe. It's been a while. Look, I used to drink that green tea that came out a decade ago all the time before I realized that it's like the worst drink on the shelves for you. I've snuck on in here and there since that doesn't mean they're any less delicious. They're released a million different flavors and sub-brands since then and this one, I've got to say is delicious. This drink is easy to review, too. It tastes like a non-syrupy, adequately sweetened, flat black cherry pop. Done. It's good. The flavor was there, too. It was crisp and clean and right out of the fridge this cat was tops. It's not a civilized beverage by any means. I bought it for one American dollar. How good can it be? Answer? Pretty darn good.
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United States
Mike Literman on 6/27/11, 8:54 PM
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