Southern Graviola Distribution Inc. Graviola Life Original

Southern Graviola Distribution Inc. Graviola Life Original
No thanks. The whole drinks packaging reeks of "As Seen On TV" sales tactics. With phrases like "World's most powerful heath drink" and "Low on sugar low on carbs" (no spaces or punctuation). I should have known. Not to mention, the website listed on the bottle is not correct. That rarely happens.

Let us continue...

From opening up the bottle, it gave me a plasticy, unnatural taste. The primary ingredient is a fruit called the "graviola" or known by its more common name "soursop". It does have a slightly sweet, milky smooth taste, but that strange aroma overpowers the taste and welcomes itself back into your senses.

Having heard nothing of graviola or soursop, I did ten seconds of research on Wikipedia, the worlds most reliable (sarcastic) source, and came across two items which interested me:

1. "Nutritionally, the fruit is high in carbohydrates" - After it had previously stated that it was low in carbs
2. "Research carried out in the Caribbean has suggested a connection between consumption of soursop and atypical forms of Parkinson's disease due to the very high concentration of annonacin." - Which just plain isn't good.

Sure, everything is good in moderation, but this just plain isn't good. Needless to say, the garbage found a 3/4 full bottle of this drink.
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Mike Literman on 9/9/10, 4:50 PM
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