Soylent Coffiest

Soylent Coffiest
Here I am sitting in my pod waiting for my morning rations to be distributed. Oh, here it is now. If you're reading this, then you're probably in the past. Sometime in the early 21st century I presume. You know how there's a bunch of horrible things going on in the world, but there is also a bunch of really rad stuff as well? Well the rad things just aren't enough and everything falls apart. There are wars, natural disasters and eventually civilization collapses. Small groups survive and meet up to form a new society. Since most of the food sources have been wiped out the scientists among us create these beverages to fill our dietary needs. It's important to keep a sense of humor in these dire times, so they named the drinks Soylent, after the old Charlton Heston movie, you know before he went all gun crazy.

The normal rations taste like soy milk, which is to be expected, but in the mornings we get a bit of a treat and get the Coffiest version of them. It's pretty much the same thing as the original, but with coffee added. It tastes like a nice soy latte. It's hard to argue with it when it's basically the only flavor we get these days. Along with that we get our nutrients as well as the same amount of caffeine that used to be found in a cup of coffee. Well, when you used to be able to find such a thing. At least it doesn't taste like diet poison with the sucralose they use.

The future is a horrible place. Enjoy the world while you still have it. Eat all the fruits and vegetables you can find, because in the not too distant future all you're going to taste is soy and coffee. Honestly it's not that bad and it could easily be much worse.
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Jason Draper on 12/9/16, 8:23 PM
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