Soylent Drink

Soylent Drink
I've watched enough futuristic science fiction movies to know that Soylent is a sign that we are actually living in the beginning of a dystopian society. Soon the Singularity will occur and humans will become slaves to our robotic overlords. Fear not though all of our nutrition will comes in one convenient beverage, Soylent. To be fair the company hasn't quite cracked the code completely, but they are on their way. Each bottle of this ready-to-drink meal in a bottle provides 20% of the daily nutritional requirements that a human needs. This company is the future and it is the definition of efficiency in nutrition. Sure if they could get it down to pill form it would be the craziest thing ever, but as it stands right now this liquid has everything you need to survive and even helps with digestion, provides energy and does everything you need to function.

As for what efficiency tastes like, the answer is simply the soy milk that is left over after you eat a bowl of oat based cereal. I kind of expected something a little different, but in dystopia taste is not a concern, merely survival. It's not an offensive flavor, it just kind of bland, but in a way that does not concern you.

We are living in the future and things are only going to get more horrible in the world around us, but fear not Soylent has our backs and will make sure that we get the nutrients we need in the wasteland that is to come.
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United States
Jason Draper on 12/5/16, 2:39 PM
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