Sprout Rise Morning Smoothie Apple Cinnamon

Sprout Rise Morning Smoothie Apple Cinnamon
Do you know me? Do you know what kind of being I am? Do you know what I like? What I crave? Do you know of my love for smoothies? Do you know that I also have a love for all things “apple cinnamon” flavored? Did you know that I could survive happily on smoothies for longer than your average person? Most importantly, did you know that I am not a horse? To be more specific, did you know that I am not a horse who has lost all of its teeth and needs to be fed a special paste? I think that you must not have been aware of that fact, sprout. Otherwise I can't imagine why you would feed me this. This tastes like the bins of grain that were in my aunt's barn for the horses to consume smelled. (There is definitely something not proper about that sentence). It's like someone took a scoop of those grains, put them in a blender with some water and added an apple and a dash of cinnamon. The grain flavor is way stronger than anything else and it's so very thick. I thought this would be something that I would really enjoy, but the ratios are off, or it needs a little something else to make me not feel like a sick horse. Maybe change who you're marketing this towards? Actually, I think horses get put down before they get that far along. I don't know who this is for anymore.
United States
No Sugar Added
Jason Draper on 11/30/15, 10:08 AM
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