Starbucks Refreshers Black Chery Limeade

Starbucks Refreshers Black Chery Limeade
It seems that Starbucks is easing back on advertising their Refresher line as “Natural energy from green coffee extract.” I mean it's still in there, but it's just not boldly proclaimed on the front of the can. Instead they are leaning on the coconut water and real fruit juice angle. Whatever they are pushing it is still the same product, well with coconut water added. I think the result is supposed to resemble a natural Gatorade for adults. It has the coconut water and juice to help rehydrate and refresh you, with the added bonus of caffeine to keep you moving. Then again there isn't such sodium in this so I'm probably totally off base. It's also carbonated, so yeah ignore that comparison. I should probably go back and just delete that part, but it looks like I'm going to just keep typing out my thoughts and forgo any professionalism. To reiterate Refreshers do not equal adult Gatorade. They always have seemed like kind of a hangover drink to me. I wonder what percentage of their sales are used for that purpose.

I suppose I should tough on the taste of this thing. It tastes like a lighter black cherry soda. Makes sense right. That's not a flavor I'm overly fond of, but lucky for me there is some lime in the aftertaste and that is something I can get behind. It is all improved through the use of real juice and not just some syrupy mix. I think it might be the coconut water that is making it taste lighter. It just smooths is out a little. Oh wait I just saw that salt is an ingredient so I'm back on the adult Gatorade kick. Nothing but staunch professionalism here.
Coconut, Diet and Soda Pop
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Jason Draper on 3/30/18, 3:44 PM
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