Stash Black and Green Tea Christmas Morning

Stash Black and Green Tea Christmas Morning
I certainly don't remember any historic Christmas mornings where I drank black and green tea. Certainly black tea is wonderful and jasmine green tea is equal if not better and together this is a great drink but it doesn't scream "Christmas" to me. Throw a single, measly dash of nutmeg or cinnamon or something in there. This is a fine tea but a bit of a misnomer. This is just a black and green tea which, like a girl I dated, nondenominational. Sure, this tea doesn't have as awesome boobs as she did but who does? Boobs: like a million. Tea: probably close to a million. As I type that out it's probably a closer race than I initially thought it out to be.
Hot Tea and Iced Tea
United States
No Sugar Added
Mike Literman on 1/22/15, 6:56 PM
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