Steaz Cactus Water With Cucumber & Green Tea

Steaz Cactus Water With Cucumber & Green Tea
Are you aware that the desert is a dead, dry place with no hope? Did you also know that cucumbers are the most refreshing thing this world has ever seen? If only cucumbers grew in the desert maybe life would exist. Because you know, nothing lives in the desert…€¦oh wait; a lot of things live in the desert. That doesn't mean that they wouldn't lead richer lives if cucumber was a normal part of life for them. Steaz has taken that refreshing vegetable and combined it with prickly pear (the fruit on a cactus) as well as some green tea and the results are quite nice. The prickly pear is nice and sweet, but it allows the cucumber to cut through and give you that relief you so desperately crave. The only downside to this at all is that they tried to cut down on calories by using stevia along with cane sugar. It's not horrible, but you can tell it's there, which I would prefer it wasn't. Other than that there is nothing but smooth sailing with this drink. Go ahead and drop me off in a remote desert location hundreds of miles from anywhere. As long as I had a couple cans of this I would be just fine, or dead. Fine or dead, one or the other.
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Cane Sugar
Jason Draper on 4/11/16, 9:48 PM
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