Stewart's Shops Refresher Green Tea

Stewart's Shops Refresher Green Tea
Even though they are never anything special and also not very good in the traditional sense I am a complete sucker for local farm/store brand iced teas. They are generally mostly sugar water with a bit of tea mixed in, but something about them that is incredibly endearing too me. They are so full of sugar that there is no way they are healthy, yet they seem so wholesome. They are a piece of what Americana was to me as a young teenager.

Stewart's output is fairly similar to what a lot of the dairies in PA produce. The name from any of those companies is pretty interchangeable with the contents of the bottle. It's water, sugar and a green tea premix and honey. It tastes like an over-sweetened green tea, Just as you would expect, and just as I wanted it to be.
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Jason Draper on 4/3/15, 9:26 PM
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