Suja Vanilla Cloud

Suja Vanilla Cloud
New juice cleanse companies are popping up all over the place. I for one love it and appreciate that people are taking the time to consider what they are putting into their bodies (I need to do the same). I would love to do one of these cleanses, but I simply cannot afford it. If I were to purchase the 5-day cleanse it would cost me $270. That is more than a months rent for me (Yes I live in Buffalo with one of the countries lowest average rent cost). Sure I could knock it down to a 3-day cleanse, but that is still going to put me back $162. Unfortunately it's just not in my budget.

The Vanilla Cloud beverage is the daily dessert for this cleanse. You're supposed to drink it last in the day (at least three hours before bed). I like that this exists. In recent years I have fallen victim to the practice of not thinking a meal is complete until I have dessert. Dessert for me just happens to be a square or two of dark chocolate, so it's not completely horrible, but it's a practice I should probably kick at some point.

What does a juice cleanse dessert consist of? Water, coconut, honey, almonds, acerola cherry, cinnamon, vanilla bean, nutmeg and camu camu. They are all healthy things that sound like they would be great together, and I assure you that they are. This tastes like almond milk with some cinnamon and nutmeg in the mix. A seasonal almond milk if you will. I would also explain it as a very subdued chai. I actually don't taste the coconut in here at all, which I'm okay with. There are also some light chunks in here, but they are small, and just make some sips a little gritty.

I really enjoyed this, and it makes me wish even more that this cleanse was something I could do. I'm sure after five days you would feel a vast improvement, but at the same time what income bracket do you need to be apart of to participate.
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Jason Draper on 11/20/13, 10:18 AM
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