Summit Sudz Root Beer

Summit Sudz Root Beer
Sudz, Spuds MacKensie's little known brother, loved root beer. He was up for the beer commercials himself but in the interview process, drank so much that he gained too much weight to be suitable for the part. Depressed but still in need of something more in his life, he decided to start his own pop company.

They made fairly average pop that wasn't bad at all. The root beer, Sudz favorite and pride and joy, was good. It was safe but still good. It didn't have any of the licorice or anise that a high end one would have but it has everything a basic root beer would have. It's pretty comparable to other "store brand" root beers.

Sudz now has a long lasting legacy of pop where as his brother was just a temporary staple of a beer company. They fight at family reunions but who doesn't.
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