Sweet Leaf Lemon Iced Tea

Sweet Leaf Lemon Iced Tea
Finally, a lemon flavored iced tea that doesn't taste like floor cleaner. I don't know why it's so hard. Lemon goes a long way. You know when you have a glass of water at a restaurant and they give you the smallest slice of lemon? You take that little guy, squeeze the heck out of it and what do you get? Gross, overly lemon'd water, case and point.

What we have here is this marvelous can is clearly black tea with lemon. What more do you need? You can taste the tea, which is important to me because I would otherwise be drinking lemon juice, which I don't think is really for public consumption.

Once again, please, for less than $1, you can get a can of Sweet Leaf's awesome array of teas. I didn't know about it until my roommate let me have one that he bought less than a year ago and I have loved it ever since. This tea is exceptional.
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Mike Literman on 9/17/10, 7:59 AM
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