Sweet Leaf Mint & Honey Green Tea

Sweet Leaf Mint & Honey Green Tea
Oooh. This is something strange, different and somewhat familiar. What we've got here is a high quality, organic tea, with a splash of mint, spearmint to be exact. It doesn't have that "I am chewing gum and drinking at the same time" feel. It feels...complete, like it was so well blended that there is never a separation between mint and tea. Anyone who has had spearmint MetroMint water knows what I'm talking about. Even though it's refreshing, it doesn't give me a feeling of having a "correct" drink. It just tastes like a mistake, or something I could make at home by soaking a stick of gum in water.

Alright, enough. With this tea, you get a nice honey green tea, but without the bitterness, all the while, the cool, refreshing taste of mint.

My only problem with this is that it's not something that I could drink all the time. The mint isn't overwhelming for one can, but I couldn't drink more than one can in one day, or even in a couple days. It's just to distinguished of a taste. Too unique? It's not a "too much of a good thing" thing, it's just a very strong drink in all regards, which is not how the rest of their tea is.

I do recommend this drink to anyone, and I will buy it again, but I just advise take your time between servings. Or share. That's a novel idea and a polite option.
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Mike Literman on 9/9/10, 5:02 PM
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