Sweet Leaf Sweet Tea

Sweet Leaf Sweet Tea
Finally. Do you know how hard it is to find a genuine, sincere sweet tea? Near impossible. Do you know what the ingredients to sweet tea are? Sugar and black tea. Done. Period. Also, not fake sugar. No one would make you a drink with Splenda and tea and call it sweet tea and get away with it without a black eye and/or broken tibia. Yeah, that's a rough bone to break.

Now I enjoy sharing. I share drinks, food, seats in my car, everything. I shared this drink with a friend and he said that it was good. Why does that mean something? Dude's from Georgia. Do you know where Georgia is? The South. Do you know what they drink in the South? Sweet tea. Therefore, this man knows a thing or two about how it should be and this got his seal of approval.

Sweet Leaf? Thanks.
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Mike Literman on 10/11/10, 7:24 PM
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