T'best Aloe Vera Drink Mango

T'best Aloe Vera Drink Mango
Which of our forefathers stated the words, “Give me chunks or give me death!”? That was Ben Franklin right? Mr. Franklin had a thing for the ladies, and perhaps he had a fetish for those of the Asian persuasion. Perhaps then they turned him onto aloe drinks and he fell in love with sweet, fruit flavored drinks with fun little chunks in them. I bet he liked to catch the chunks in his teeth and then chew on them after he swallowed the liquid. Ben always was a kid at heart. Unlike us here in modern day America I bet he was unfamiliar with mangos and I also bet he loved their taste. What an exotic drink this must have been in the 18th century. It's so sticky sweet like the fruit that flavors it. Oh, did I mention it actually tastes like mango as well? It tastes like your grandmother decided to eat a mango like she eats her grapefruit; by dumping a bunch of sugar on it. Man it's no wonder everyone had wooden teeth back then.

Ben Franklin had it right when he ranted about aloe. Maybe he had some weird thing with regurgitation, or just maybe I got that famous quote wrong.
Aloe Vera and Chunky
Jason Draper on 11/3/13, 9:01 PM
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