T'best Aloe Vera Drink Pineapple

T'best Aloe Vera Drink Pineapple
It's been a while, old friend. What has happened to the days where we would sit together and spend time with each other? Me basking in the sun like some sort of fancy Frenchman and you sitting in your bottle like you liked to do? The last few months have been smooth sailing and I mean that in all aspects of the word. Smooth. There has been nothing substantial in my drinks and it just sort of happened. Have we grown apart? It's not that I have forgotten. It's more that you haven't shown up and I am fully aware that the phone works both ways but you know how things go. We've been busy living our lives.

It is good to see you back. Shall we get right down to business like old times? Yes, let's. Let me get you something a little more comfortable for you to wear like this nice glass. That bottle looks constricting and I know how you don't like it in plastic. It's been a long time for me, too. I'll go gentle at first.

I see you haven't lost a step since we last met. You're everything I remembered and you taste like pineapples. The bits of aloe act as if there are real bits of pineapple in there, like you crushed and poorly strained pineapples out of a can. No, you don't taste like you came out of a can. You taste wonderful. We should do this more often. What happened to us? We used to be so close. Let's promise to not spend this much time apart again. I feel at times that I need you. I don't normally open up like that but it's true.
Chunky and Aloe Vera
South Korea
Mike Literman on 10/23/13, 3:16 PM
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