Taste Nirvana Real Coconut Water / Pulp

Taste Nirvana Real Coconut Water / Pulp
Hot…€¦so hot. I hear it got up to 94 degrees in Buffalo today. I know to you folks in the southwest that is nothing; I've been in 114 degrees out there. The difference is that with the heat here the air is like soup. Integrity once said that “Humanity is the devil,” but I think a more accurate phrase would be humidity is the devil. It's the type of heat that even a cold shower can't help, because as soon as you get out you're just sweating again. Ugh. It's the kind of heat that melts the ice cream that fills your cone before you can eat it and you're left unsatisfied with sticky hands. No one wants this.

I've drank more water over the past couple of days then any human could consume if they weren't sweating it all out immediately. I'm at a point where I feel like if I had a constant stream of water going into me I would still feel dehydrated. I decided that something stronger was needed, so I've turned to coconut water. I didn't want any sugar or any added flavoring garbage, so I chose Taste Nirvana. This is simply coconut water and coconut pulp, nothing else is needed. It tastes like if I took the three hundred hours it takes to actually crack open a coconut and drank it's liquid inners. It doesn't taste like it's been sitting in this bottle for months. It's actually sweeter than other “no sugar added” coconut waters I've had before. The label says it's because of the region they harvest their coconuts from. It's pleasant. I can enjoy it. It's refreshing.

While the chunks of coconut pulp would be a nice treat on other days, they are just getting in the way of me chugging this whole bottle. I guess that is to my advantage as they are letting me enjoy this longer. I bet I'm still going to feel dehydrated fifteen minutes after this is gone.
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No Sugar Added
Jason Draper on 7/17/13, 4:00 PM
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