Tea Drift Calming Rose

Tea Drift Calming Rose
Some people have things for older ladies. I hate to say it but I'll say it because we're all adults here but the acronym is MILF. Kids, if you're reading this, please don't look that up. Keep doing your homework. Some people, a smaller percentage, go for older ladies. That acronym is GILF. Kids, once again, do no look that up. Continue doing your homework.

This tea would be the "secret sauce" to get the older ladies in the mood to put in the real work. A little rooibos, vanilla, safflower and rose in this guy and those ladies will be talking about the Victorian era and all sorts of old crap. This smells like an older lady but it tastes pretty good. I'm not saying that older ladies don't taste good but I don't often touch my tongue to them. Sorry older ladies. Maybe one day. Kids, if you're still reading this, your daddy is going to be sore at you for not finishing your homework.

This tastes fine. I was worried. I have had rose drinks before, mostly from India but this one, in all its domestic nature, is weaker than that. We're new to it. Please forgive us, India. Please forgive us daddies for not letting your children get their homework done because of their curious nature. We warned them otherwise. They don't listen. They're kids. Maybe you should make them some of this tea to calm them down and make them more suitable to bring to your parent's house.
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Mike Literman on 9/8/15, 12:23 PM
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