TEAloe Passion Fruit

TEAloe Passion Fruit
Like peanut butter and chocolate these are two great tastes that should taste great together, and that's even without the extra bonus of passion fruit. I love tea. I love aloe drinks. What is there not to love here right? Well, let me walk you through my beverage experience.

I grab this from the fridge, elated that my mouth is about to be blessed with what I can only assume is a beverage from the heavens. I twist off the cap and take a sip and…€¦something is wrong here. This doesn't taste like I expected. It's not insanely sweet and there is this weird bitterness around the edges. I take another sip and ponder this like a fool. Of course it's not what my brain expected. My brain saw aloe and passionfruit and it was expecting an explosion of flavor on my taste buds. The wrinkles in my head-grapes forgot to factor in the tea aspect of the drink. That weird bitterness I spoke of was simply the taste of the green tea. Since I have never tasted tea and aloe together I couldn't process what it would taste like for a second. Once everything fell in line and my synapses started firing away, I enjoyed this drink much more.

The tea flavor is right up front in this bottle. I had expected the aloe to be the guiding force, but without insane amounts of sugar it takes a backseat to the natural flavor of the green tea. The normal white grape taste that I associate with aloe was all but not there. To give this a proper explanation I would have to say that this tastes like a lightly brewed, lightly sweetened green tea that has just a splash of passion fruit flavor in it. The only way the aloe is really present is in the small chunks in it, and I mean real small. There are fewer chunks in this than in orange juice with pulp.

This didn't turn out to be what I expected and wanted it to be, but it still ended up being decent. I think going into the other flavors without the expectations that I had will lead me to a more enjoyable experience. You can also share in those experiences now. Won't you join me?
Aloe Vera, Chunky and Iced Tea
United States
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Jason Draper on 11/9/13, 9:10 PM
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